Found a great spot to hang out in downtown Detroit. (at 1515 Broadway Cafe)

Inserting all the internal mechanics all at once. @WeKnowDetroit (at Ford - Michigan Assembly Plant)

Wouldn’t it be great if…?

Not if you haven’t even taken the time to find the current best solution. This is your moment this is your last chance to still be the customer you need to figure out how are they find you what will they search for what is the real need. After this point you are no longer a customer in fact you are your own worst customer you’re now the product. Not going through this process is how some of the worst startup ideas have ever been created .

Art in the middle of somewhere.

We found the local swap meet. I may have to leave her here.

An amazing coffee contraption. (at Demitasse Santa Monica)

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The Burn (at the Life Cube)

Happy Pi Day!